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frameless. limitless.

At Merc Media we create uniqueness which strengthens the target audience memory. We collaborate with our clients in a process working towards a common goal creating disruptive work which genuinely cuts through to their clientele. Our single advertising campaign idea and theme permeates all promotional activities and marketing communication will be focused only towards your specific clientele.
A logo is a first introduction to your company that pique the interest of the consumer to learn more about you. We design logos that would be the foundation of your brand identity, is memorable and fosters brand loyalty. We do not just stop designing your logo we do provide you with a guideline to keep company material consistent and professional at always.
Brand guideline also can be called as a style guide is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. For brand identity to work consistency should be the key. A compressive brand guideline outlines everything from your typography and colour palette to your tone of voice. Having a brand guideline will help your employees to understand how to represent their brand. Most importantly building a brand identity will help your audience to recognize you across all platforms.
If used correct indoor & outdoor advertising can be a powerful offline marketing tool. We use indoor and outdoor advertising to promote your brand in a way that digital and in-home advertising cannot. Navigating indoor and outdoor campaign can be overwhelming that is why we have the expertise specifically to handle them.
We give a breathing life to your magazine/ coffee table book. Great cover, stylish layout and a killer photography would always guarantee an audience. We look into the necessary components and put in that extra care.
Hotel brand is more than a nice logo and photography of your hotel. It should be both memorable visuals and engaging this would make your hotel stand out online in a sea of competitors. Hotel brand represents who you are and invites like minded guests. We consider your current marketing position and your uniqueness in branding. We understand the importance of your brand presence, and we offer 50 -300 collaterals for the front office, back office, restaurants, F&B, rooms, and administrative purposes as well as branding for interiors and exteriors.
We believe if design correct packaging can be a powerful marketing tool. Packaging helps product to stand out and grab the attention. We create a higher edge for your package in the retail environment. Our use of colour, image and typography can create a presence that speaks volumes.
We consider catalogue as a crucial part of any business. Letting your customers access a beautifully designed catalogue is key success to improve your sale. We design catalogues that represents you proposing concepts that is in line with your brand and vision.
Company profile acts as a window to your company. We believe that the company profile should reflect the value and corporate culture also address the needs of the consumer. Company profile that is created by us will take your target audience through a journey of your company.
We design menu cards aware of the scanning patterns and divide them into logical section while highlighting your establishment. We offer unique and customized concepts, UV print, handcraft, laser engraving, and diverse materials (wood, cloth, acrylic, leather, etc.). We guarantee that would help you to present an artistic and modern take.
Whatever the medium of communication you prefer we create adds that grab the attention that helps you to boost sale. A well-focused ad, making every word count with the right images at the correct location is our specialty.


sharp. flexible.

Having a regularly updated which pops up in a search engine is an instant credibility. Our website is not only about digital availability but also about the trust and the true reflection about your company. We create the best user experience customer can get.
Our photography is all about the composition that highlights your product, person or the location. We know the art of choosing what goes into a photograph and where as well as what’s left out. We are a comprehensive solutions provider engaged in commercial photography so we know what you need and can get you an end result that far surpasses your expectation.
Today’s world social media presence is one of the most important element to your entity. It is not only about uploading a post but it should be relevant and engaging. Social media would be the interacting platform between your company and the rest of the audience. Our services include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Vimeo. Our team of experts will help you to thrive your business virtually.
When you integrate ads into audio experience such as ad support music streaming or podcast will give your clientele the ability to discover your product or service. Our professional studio equipment and trained personnel will help make your production a lasting impression on your clientele.
Video communication is important because it creates story allowing businesses to communicate and convey a message clearly. We have the relevant equipment, resources and strategies to make your video go viral.


any space. any material.

Interior design is an art creating a pleasing environment for the people using the space. Whether you want your office, café & restaurant or showroom interior we design is in a way that lets the others know who you are. We will plan, research, and propose a concept or theme that will be reflected in your interior. We get involved at every stage of the process, from space planning to site inspections, researching and communicating with all stakeholders of a project to construction management, and the execution of the concept.


wherever. whatever

A great event always stands out we are always ready to get outside of comfort zone. Our planning is competitive, creative that is because we pay attention to the core area. We are well placed to support your corporate events, product launches, and exhibitions. We will work with you to create a concept that matches your brand, identify your audience, and coordinate all technical aspects of designing the interiors at any of your events. We are specialized in creative and innovative concepts that can be customized to suit your theme.


unique. humantuch.

We create magic with products and materials. All our materials give a unique prospect about your hotel. We print menu cards that would be uniquely yours, F&B products, and linens to reflect your brand and the value that you stand for. We make sure attention and pleasure are met in each product.